Murano and Burano Island Tour

Visit one of the oldest glass factories in Venice, assist to the glass work and ask the masters all their secrets: they will create in front of your eyes amazing sculptures, vases or chandeliers from a very small quantity of glass. Visit the Showrooms and admire the art production of the masters. Stroll through narrow canals and Burano Island colourful houses, visit one of the most ancient laces factory in the island and see old women sewing with their 60 years experience. At the end of the visit, admire the Grand Canal from your private boat and take beautiful photos to remember this great trip to Murano and Burano Islands.

venetian glass factory

Arrive to Murano Island with your private wooden boat and meet you personal guide inside one of the oldest glass factories in whole Venice: assist at the amazing glass work  and discover all the secrets of this ancient art.

Then, visit the Showroom hall where you can find unique pieces made by Glass Masters.

venetian murano glass

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Enjoy 1 hour with the master and try to blow of to sculp the glass in order to realize your own glass product. Create drinking glasses, vases or little horses with master’s help and all their old tools like the ancient venetian tradition requires.

venetian laces

Reach the colourful Burano Island by boat and visit the place where Buranese laces started:  enter in an old factory of the Buranese stitch and meet your personal guide. Enjoy the lace work of a woman with 50 years experience!

Feel like a VIP in your private boat along the Grand Canal coming back to you hotel.

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Discover Venice Walking Tour

Discover Venice secrets through narrow canals and little bridges. Learn the power of the Republic of Venice and feel like a noble visiting the main attractions of Venice.  First of all, seem like an inhabitant crossing the Grand Canal in an old gondola; then walk in Rialto Market where you will find fresh fruit, vegetables and some fresh fish from the Lagoon. Cross also the Rialto Bridge and eat one the most famous ice-creams of Italy selected by the New York Times Journal. Furthermore, admire Venice landscape from the panoramic terrace of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi on the Grand Canal. Take wonderful photos from this most noteworthy position. Walk in Saint Mark’s Square where your assistant will explane you the history and the artistic patrimony of the Floating City.  Finally, end your tour in the first café in Venice tasting a typical venetian spritz or an espresso at Café Florian.

venetian fruit market

Start the tour from Rialto Market where you will find fresh groceries and fish coming from all over the Lagoon everyday; buy some fresh fruit you could eat while reaching the Gondola deck. Experience the popular gondola that Venetians usually take to cross the Grand Canal, than visit the old orchestra church near Rialto Market. Pass through the Rialto Bridge and discover the history of the main commercial point during the Republic of Venice.

venetian canal grande

Take amazing pictures from the Terrace in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi palace from where you will have a 360° view to all Venice landscape. Taste one of the best ice-creams in Italy while you’re walking through narrow alleys discovering the long theatre tradition of venetian masks. Visit an original mask shop and add to your tour a top private experience: take 1 hour with a mask painter to paint your own venetian mask and get the best result!

venetian doge's palace

Arrive in the breathtaking Saint Mark’s Square and let your assistant tell you each detail of Venice main Noble Palace: enjoy the Astronomic Clock Tower, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Saint Mark’s Bell Tower and the great Doge’s Palace. Look at the Giudecca Canal while drinking a typical aperitif Spritz or an authentical italian espresso in the first venetian Cafè Florian. Impress in your mind the amazing magnitude of the Republic of Venice and of its incredible power!

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Venetian Tasting Tour

Enter into many Bacari of the City on the Water, typical tapas bars. First of all drink a “Goto”, a glass of local wine likewise Venetians  do. So try Cicchetti, little tastings of venetian specialties on a bruschetta, a little piece of bread. Choose cicchetti with on top savoury sauces, fresh fish or different kinds of hams. Taste the Cheese and Hams Platter with combined fruit jams and crumbly bread. Furthermore, relax sitting in front of the Grand Canal and the magnificent Rialto Bridge tasting a good glass of wine. You will try the typical venetian sparkling wine, Prosecco and the full-bodied and smooth red wine, Valpollicella. Therefore conclude your aperitif with an Aperol Spritz, a typical venetian drink composed by Aperol, Sparkling water and Prosecco wine.

Bite your Venetian time with taste!

Venetian Cicchetti

The taste pleasure tour consists in discovering Venice throughout many stops in different Bacari, typical venetian tapas bars, where you will taste dishes of the tradition served in a very modern way, the Cicchetti a Venetian word to say tapas. Match these small canape with a good glass of white sparkling wine, a good glass of Prosecco.

venetian fish market

Have a private cooking class with your specialized assistant: choose with your cooker the recipe you like most and buy together all the ingredients like real Venetians at Rialto Market. Learn how to cook in the real Italian style and enjoy a typical dessert we will offer you while drinking a sweet white wine from the hills of the Venetian mainland.

venetian shop bussolai
Stop to taste a ham and cheese platter with a glass of full bodied red wine while you’re watching the Grand Canal next to the Rialto Bridge. Finish your tour tasting some of the most famous bisquits in Venice,  the Bussolà is a typical snack in vanilla flavour…try it with a good espresso or a glass of Torcolato, a characteristic sweet wine!
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